Player of the Week (Sp08): Week 3 Nominees

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Each week, the three players with the best combined numbers (SLGOBA + F%) will be the nominees for POTW. The league will then vote for the winner.

Votes are Due at NOON on Friday.

Week 3 Nominees:

  • Drew Wold (Wackazoids): Wold’s return to the PWL during Week 3 gave his team their first two victories as he drove in five runs with three doubles and a triple, slugging 1.000. He didn’t fare so well on the mound, giving up seven hits and three runs, but was perfect in the field.
  • Stephen Zigmund (Canvassers): Zigmund got the Canvassers back on track after Week 2’s loss to the Mega Maids winning two today, driving in three of the teams four runs, and hit for the cycle for the day with a homer, triple, double and two singles, slugging 1.100. He pitched four innings, gave up three hits and one run and didn’t commit an error in the field.
  • Charlie Zold (Rated ‘E’): Nominated for the second week in a row after winning last week, Zold couldn’t help his team win both games this week, but did drive in four runs with two homers slugging 1.250. He gave up four hits and three runs on the mound, and was perfect in the field.

POTW: Week 3 (Sp08)
Drew Wold
Stephen Zigmund
Charlie Zold
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