Player of the Week (Su09): Week 4 Nominees

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Another bad week at the plate, if only batters had the strike board to blame. Only four dingers all week, and the two guys that did that are below.


  • Matt Dreyfus (Canvassers): Dreyfus gets his first nomination of the summer and his first as a member of the Canvassers, the only remaining unbeaten team. Even though David Gross got the lone GWRBI in the game, Dreyfus was 3-6 batting leadoff and scored the game’s only run. He singled, doubled, and tripled. Any other week, a homer might have been possible for the cycle, but with a forfeit, 1 run was good enough for 2-0 to sit on top of the East.
  • Kris Garcia (Rough Riders): Garcia gets his second nomination in a row, hitting two homers and driving in three runs and suddenly he’s back on the list for two the three batting triple crown categories. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get 2 W’s, and the Riders may soon be eliminated from October, sitting at 3-5 over half way through the season.
  • Daniel Sullivan (Mr. Party’s Waddle): The mascot, the notorious Mr. Party, finally showed up this week as did Waddle’s manager, Dan Sullivan. He hit 50% of the homers this week, and drove in five runs on his way to slugging 1.250 in his debut appearance. On the mound, he tossed six innings without giving up a run and struck out three. With a forfeit, his squad went 2-0, and if he keeps playing this way, and the penguin keeps coming, they might find their way into the playoffs.

POTW (Su09): Week 4
Matt Dreyfus
Kris Garcia
Daniel Sullivan
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About POTW: Each week three nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain.

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