Player of the Week (Su09): Week 5 Nominees

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A no-hitter this week means we have a nominee from the defensive side of the game to join two batters. Filides must be up to his fourth or fifth nomination, (we no longer want to count), but has always been the bridesmaid and never the bride. Mann won the award during Summer 2008, and Hawkins is a pitcher.


  • Alexander Filides (Clubber Lang): Filides is on a tear this season adding two more dingers to his league leading number this week, and driving in two runs. Filides slugged 1.364 and had the cycle for the double header, with two singles, one double and one triple to go along with his homers. Clubber Lang went 2-0 with his help. Though, his contribution to the odd and controversial situation at the end of their 1-0 seventh inning win over Mr. Party’s Waddle was to hit a routine ground ball that turned into a nighmare fielder’s choice pegging attempt that ultimately cost the Waddle the upset.
  • Ryan Hawkins (Canvassers): Toss a no hitter, get a nomination. It’s a rule. (Unless three people pitch perfect games the same week, sorry, Clapp.) Hawkins leads the league in ERA and is second in OBA, but his triple crown deams are crushed by Tony Ragano’s strikeout tear. Still, the sophomore is looking for a Cy Young nomination. Though, Cy Young was a career .210 hitter, and Hawkins is south of that. He lead the Canvassers to a 2-0 weekend, and they remain the only undefeated team.
  • Craig Mann (Flea Bitten Varmits): Mann went 3-5 with a single, double, and game winning homer to put the Varmits back in the playoff picture. The 7th inning shot over the unlucky Flaglove gave him two RBI to go with a 1.400 slugging percentage and with a forfeit win, a 2-0 week for the Varmits.

POTW Week 5 (Su09)
Alexander Filides
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Craig Mann
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About POTW: Each week three nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain.

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