Player of the Week (Su09): Week 7 Nominees

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Another perfect game this week for an automatic nomination, and two of the three guys already own hardware. This is our last vote before the year end awards go up.


  • Jesse Contario (Flaglove): Flaglove came out of nowhere to win five of their last six games and make it to the playoffs. A large part of that effort was led by rookie Jesse Contario, who already owns one keychain this year. This week he helped his team to two big wins, including stopping the Canvassers from being only the second team in history to go undefeated. He hit three homers, drove in seven runs, and slugged 1.556.
  • Alexander Filides (Clubber Lang): Filides is nominated for the sixth time, but it’s unclear if the voters are ready to forgive him for wearing a glove in the field, or calling the POTW Award a “joke” after his fifth time being shutout. He certainly deserves some hardware for the season he’s had and there are much more important votes that will be coming up. However, his numbers last week give you one more chance to recognize a weekly performance. He hit two homers and one double, slugging 1.333 while driving in four runs to win two unnecessary, but psychologically important, games for Clubber.
  • Kris Garcia (Rough Riders): Garcia has had a great two seasons at the plate, and his one homer, two doubles, two RBI, and 1.222 slugging put him right in the middle of three other players fighting it out for the final nomination this week. He might have gotten it anyway, but what guarantees him the nomination this week was not just because his batting was right on the bubble, but because he threw a perfect game. Specifically, a perfect game against a team who went into the weekend tied for the playoffs, but went home after running into Garcia. (We’re not talking Rossi Posse here.) The first automatic nomination for a perfect game for a player that probably deserved it for hitting this week as well.

POTW (Su09): Week 7
Jesse Contario
Alexander Filides
Kris Garcia
total_votes: 35

About POTW: Each week three nominess will be announced for Player of the Week. The league, fans, and press will vote for the winner. Winners receive a very limited edition wiffleball keychain.

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