The Sortable Team and Player stats will provide “streak stats” for all categories of batting, hitting and pitching stats.

This page is manually updated for streaks that you cannot find on that page because they are not related to single games, or they don’t fit in batting/pitching/fielding stat line, or they are when something “didn’t” happen in a game, rather than something did happen.


Consecutive Games Played (As of 5/18/2014)

Games Player Ended
117 Kerby Valladares 5/10/2015
95 Felix Fernandez 6/10/2012
73 Felix Fernandez ACTIVE
67 Michael Burns 4/27/2014
66 Adriano DeSorrento 6/8/2014
62 Brett Shegogue 5/11/2014
62 Jack Shannon 9/7/2014
61 Colton Turner 5/10/2015
51 Brett Beyerlin 4/3/2011
50 Matt Dreyfus 9/9/2012
47 William McNally ACTIVE
43 Stephen Zigmund 8/10/2008
43 Nicholas DiCrosta 5/20/2012


Consecutive Games With a Hit


Consecutive Scoreless Innings Pitched (As of 5/11/2015)


Consecutive Errorless Games Played (As of 5/13/2013)