Triple Crown Winners

The league recognizes a “Triple Crown” winner for leading the league in three stats categories in batting, pitching and fielding.

These are the same categories as Major League Baseball for batting. For pitching, we replaced Wins, which might be the most meaningless stat for an individual pitcher, with Opponent’s Batting Average. (Additionally, the league did not award Wins as a stat due to a requirement for pitcher rotation for the first six seasons.) As far as we know, there is no such thing as a Triple Crown winner for fielding in Major League Baseball, so we chose stats that made sense to us.

  • Batting Average
  • Home Runs
  • Runs Batted In

  • Opponent’s Batting Average
  • Earned Run Average
  • Strike Outs

  • Fielding Percentage
  • Putouts
  • Range Factor

Until the Spring 2011 season, Chances Per Error was used for the third fielding stat, but was replaced with Range Factor. Not only is RF a better stat, CPE is a number that is often divided by 0, which means that it’s not a real number. Every player who didn’t commit an error then had NO CPE, and so everyone was tied that met this criteria. The league broke the ties by using the “most” chances without an error, but that was ridiculous.


Zigmund’s 2008 Summer Triple Crown was not recognized at the time. At the end of the regular season he trailed Brett Beyerlin by 4 RBI. However, Zigmund played in a tie breaker game, which counts for regular season stats, and drove in 5 runs to take the lead by 1. This omission caused Jim Shannon to be incorrectly referred to as the first player to win two Triple Crowns at the time.



Until the Summer 2008 season, the fielding leaders were honored for all fielding stats combined, regardless of position played.

Starting with the Summer 2009 season, the minimum Time Played to qualify in the fielding stats was lowered from 3 per game to 2 per game.

Combined Positions (2005 to 2008)

Fielder (2009 to Present)

Higman’s Triple Crown was announced and awarded, but a further review of the stats found that PO were being inflated for some games due to a glitch in the scoring software. Once the error was corrected, he trailed Michael Burns by 1 PO.

Pitcher (2009 to Present)

Catcher (2009 to Present)