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6 Innings with Ty Fletcher

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It must be awkward being the least talented Barnburner, but probably not as awkward as being in your fifth season in the league and still qualifying as a “rookie”. Such is the life of Ty Fletcher. Honestly, if he didn’t have four World Series rings, we probably wouldn’t even remember this guys name.

It’s hard to tell if his regular presence this season is a positive of a negative for Barnburners. The past four seasons Fletcher spent most of his time someplace other than Gravelly and never got enough plate appearances to qualify for the season stats. Per the PWL practice, that makes this Fletcher’s rookie season. And while his stats probably deserve a nomination for Rookie of the Year, we assume the voters in the league know better than to vote for him.

Ty Fletcher
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Nickname: Tickleshits
Age: 23
Hometown: Manassas, Virginia
Resides: Arlington, Virginia
Employer: Grabber Construction Products
Bats: Are scary as shit
Throws: Usually in the first or second inning after a Gannon start
How did you find the PWL: Woke up at fort Reno after a phish concert with Brian Ford and was very intrigued with the yellow lightsabers.

Seasons: 5
Career Batting Avg: .417
Awards: 1 Nomination for Player of the Week

TWIF: What is your favorite baseball team and who is your favorite baseball player of all time?
TF: I grew up on the Orioles but I have embraced the hometown Nationals. I would have to say my favorite baseball player is Jay Buhner. In Ken Griffey jr baseball he displays the ability to throw runners out at the plate, on a line, from the warning track, which is simply remarkable.

TWIF: What is your favorite thing about wiffleball?
TF: When Commissioner Gallaway mercilessly berates toddlers for entering the field of play.

TWIF: Twin fight or Gagnon/Filides bat tantrum?
TF: The common occurrence due to poor plate performance takes the mystery and fun out of the bat tantrums. When there is a twin fight you never know what will spark it or who is gonna end up in the hospital. I have seen garbage cans, rakes,controllers,and even frozen foods used in the field of battle. This one isn’t even close.

TWIF: Have you ever used a wiffleball bat for other than its intended purpose?
TF: We were out of solo cups during a team trip to the river. The commissioners trophy served as a fine substitute.

TWIF: If you could drown one player in the Potomac river, who would it be and why?
TF: Rawdog or Crawfish… Whoever pitches for the Twits. It will be tough to consistently pitch the ball 10+ mph over the league limit while helplessly submerged under water.

TWIF: You and Colin Gannon fight for the basement as the least talented Barnburner and statistically, you’re only slightly better at fielding and worse at everything else. In the last World Series Championship you didn’t take a single at bat. And yet, you got a team hat, just like everyone else. Don’t you think you’d be more comfortable on the Master Batters, or someplace where your star could shine a little brighter?
TF: That’s a clown question Bro. The team basement I live in is filled with magic, not camouflaged alternates and Sunday golf outings once the playoffs begin.

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