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6 Innings With Anthony Morin

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Anthony Morin is one of those rare free agents who turned into a lifer. He was assigned to the Canvassers because back in the day the only team that would take free agents was the Commissioner’s own. “I wouldn’t say I saw greatness in him,” Commissioner Gallaway would go on to say, “I felt guilty that he paid his $30 and no one wanted to take him.” Morin established himself as an important, but infrequent part (he was a rookie for three seasons) of the storied franchise over his first few seasons. Gallaway eventually saw something in him though. When he stepped down as the Canvassers manager after 12 seasons, the Commissioner named Morin his successor. After making the playoffs his rookie season as a skipper, Morin’s teams finished .500 or under the next three seasons. A personal renaissance for Morin, however, led to a team renaissance during the Spring 2013 season. In addition to dominating on the mound after finding his pitch, Morin led his team to the World Championship, and claimed a sixth plaque for the franchise on the Commissioner’s Trophy.

It’s also possible he’s submitted the best Six Innings profile picture in league history.

Anthony Morin
[ player profile page ]

Nickname: Tony. I’d think of something clever, but considering the PWL website has listed me as Anthony for the last 5 years this may be the only time I’ll ever have a shot at making my true nickname known.
Age: 27
Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Resides: Washington, DC
Employer: If you ask me in two weeks, I’ll say Apple
Bats: I’d say strong … to quite strong.
Throws: The most unhittable pitch the PWL has ever seen.
How did you find the PWL: Facebook, actually. Does the PWL even advertise on Facebook, or did they somehow just know enough about me to throw a “Are you interested in a wiffleball league” banner ad in my face? Either way it’s creepy, and I still clicked on it. After that was a blur … I remember Gallaway peppering me with questions about my ability to make contact from the right side, then next thing I know I’d been drafted by the Canvassers. Hey, I’m not going to argue with free home and away uniforms.

Seasons: 9
Career Batting Avg: .345
Career ERA: 1.67
Awards: Cy Young Award (Su13), Web Gem of the Week (Su13Wk3), five nominations for POTW but no wins.

TWIF: What is your favorite baseball team and who is your favorite baseball player of all time?
AM: Definitely the Red Sox. I was born up in Mass. My mom’s a fan, my dad’s a fan, my entire family are fans. It’s sad that I have to provide that level of detail to avoid the bandwagon label, but such is the world we live in. Favorite baseball player of all time, you ready for a curveball? Yogi Berra. I love the guy.

TWIF: What is your favorite thing about wiffleball?
AM: This one’s tough. I’ll go with either the look on the batter’s face when you drop one in at 17mph on top of the strike board … or ringing someone up with a late read on the radar gun.

TWIF: Describe Sean Hendershot in one word.
AM: Studmuffin.

TWIF: Have you ever used a wiffleball bat for other than its intended purpose?
AM: Once or twice back in the 80’s, but I did not enjoy it.

TWIF: If you could drown one player in the Potomac river, who would it be and why?
AM: I’ll say only this … when was the last time anyone actually saw Nick DiCrosta?

TWIF: This is your ninth season. You’re 20th on the all time games played list in the league. You’ve been nominated for POTW 5 times and never won. You were nominated for Manager of the Year and a Gold Glove and never won. You took over as manager of the franchise with the most World Championships and for four seasons you only made the playoffs twice. Last season…something happened. After seven seasons of mediocrity you figured out how to pitch a wiffleball. It led to a World Championship and a Cy Young Award. What exactly happened?
AM: 20th all time, wow, really? I’d probably be in the top 10 if it weren’t for all of those last minute “I’m too tired for this crap” early Sunday morning cancellations during my first couple seasons. And I appreciate you highlighting the mediocrity that has plagued most of my career. But you’re right, something just clicked last year. I can’t really say what exactly it was, only because I have no idea what to call that disgusting pitch everyone’s been flailing at. It’s not really a screwball. It’s not really a drop. But it does move 3 feet at a time and hits the strike board relentlessly. It’s that pitch that led me to a a Cy Young season, but a Cy Young caliber pitcher will make any team competitive. Without a doubt the real reason we won the World Championship last summer was because of the guys I got to play with. Kris Garcia would be the ace on probably 95% of the teams in the league, and he was the guy teams had to face when I was off. Spencer Howard was absolutely robbed for Rookie of the Year. We had a Gold Glove winner behind the dish in Pete Hackeman. And Sean “Studmuffin” Hendershot came up with our two biggest hits of the season. The Canvassers didn’t take down Superman’s Wheelchair and The Gumballers on route to their league leading 6th World Championship because one guy had it going. They won because they played well as a team and had a helluva lot of fun doing it.

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