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6 Innings with Kerby Valladares

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A year ago we sat down with Kerby Valladares to do his Six Innings interview. Like all of you, we completely forgot about him after that. Shortly after this interview, Kerby set a record that likely won’t have a chance to be broken. He became the Iron Man of the PWL, setting the record for consecutive games played. He tied Felix Fernandez’s mark of 95 with the tiebreaker game in the Spring 14 season, and broke it week one of the Summer season. As of Week 3 of the Spring 2015 season, he has played in 115 games, every one scheduled for this teams, without missing one. In fact, since the day he joined the PWL, Kerby has never missed a game. A remarkable feat. If only he was a better manager.

Kerby Valladrares
[ player profile page ]

Nickname: Kerb, Special K
Age: 21+
Hometown: Uniondale, NY
Resides: Washington, DC
Employer: Working for the Man
Bats: with super human strength, cat like reflexes, and still manages to strike out looking
Throws: to the pitcher when playing the catcher position
How did you find the PWL: I found PWL through Craigslist. I was doing my usual nightly viewing of Casual Encounters when I responded to an ad. I received a response from a woman named Christina, who invited me to a picnic on a Sunday afternoon at Gravelly. The location of said picnic turned out to be Spring Training for Potomac Wiffleball and I found out Christina was actually Chris Gallaway posing as a spam robot to recruit creepers to the league. He suggested I play wiffleball. Naturally, I changed out of my spiffy outfit and got into my wiffleball gear and…Honesty, I searched, “wiffleball leagues in DC” on Google and found PWL. End of story.

Seasons: 9
Career Batting Avg: .261
Awards: Nomination for Gold Glove Catcher and Manager of the Year, but no wins.

TWIF: What is your favorite baseball team and who is your favorite baseball player of all time?
KV: My favorite baseball team is the New York Mets. My favorite baseball player of all time would be Darryl Strawberry.

TWIF: What is your favorite thing about wiffleball?
KV: My favorite thing about PWL is that it is a true sports league. We have scorekeepers, umpires, fields with bases, baselines, and a fence with foul poles. We get new balls and bats, recorded games, a website that tracks league leaders and the league has teams with their own personas. It’s like we’re professional athletes but not.

TWIF: Tell us a joke.
KV: Chris Gallaway’s .302 career batting average. (Ba-Dum Tshh!) EDITORS NOTE: 41 points higher than Valladares.

TWIF: Have you ever used a wiffleball bat for other than its intended purpose?
KV: Only when I throw a hissy fit. *Please see the Easter egg on the box score of Janitors vs. Chuggin’ Chorizos – Bottom of 2nd.

TWIF: If you could drown one player in the Potomac river, who would it be and why?
KV: Jeffrey Nitto. We have yet to face him. We’ve faced Gumballers twice, studied Nitto’s game tape, only to have McClintock pitch shutouts against us. Plus, the Gumballers are the only team to bring dates to the end of the year awards dinner only to stand them up at PWL headquarters. Yet people bad mouth the Moose Knuckles?

TWIF: The Janitors are off to a hot start, but we’ve seen this before, followed by an epic meltdown usually with you standing on the pitcher’s mound asking for a new ball from the umpire. You’ve never made the playoffs. But you made some offseason pickups, notably Felix Fernandez, and roster filler Pike. Your sophomore Jimenez might be finally figuring this out, and your All-Star Higman is back after dislocating his elbow sliding into second base last year. Certainly you’ll improve on your all time .324 win percentage, but, what will the Janitors have to do to get to the postseason for the first time?
KV: Funny you should ask that, the team had a retreat during the off-season. We went to Fairfield, Ct, the birthplace of wiffleball, and I asked the team, that same question, “What will the Janitors have to do to get to the postseason for the first time?”. Here are the responses I received from each player.

  • Alex aka Felix Fernandez – Watch his entire Tom Emanski video collection to learn the fundamentals of baseball.
  • Kevin Higman – Set up a team camera that only records his at bats, so we as a team can copy his hitting skills.
  • Scott Abrahams – First, have fun out there, then read the Blandsford Barnburners’s book, “Championship Hitting and Living like a Champion”. (Which can be found on Freecycle or at any Manassas library in the Free Giveaway section.)
  • Arnoldo Jimenez – Beer, booze, and team uniforms.
  • Chris Pike – Walk up music for our team and a friendly game of knockout against our division rivals.

After all these great suggestions, I decided I shouldn’t pitch unless there are two pitcher ejections. Even though recently retired Janitor, Darryl Wilson, said, “Say it ain’t so K!”. I decided it’s time for someone else to ask for a new ball from the umpire.

NOTE – Since this interview, the Janitors have made the playoffs twice.

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