Six Innings

Six Innings

Often throughout the season, though not as often as we’d like, we’ll sit down with a player and ask 6 questions in 6 innings. While Pulitzer winning journalists we are not, we enjoy these and think you will too.

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6 Innings with the Super Striper

Written by - Posted 2010-05-07 00:57 in Six Innings

This week’s profile is with the Super Striper. The Striper is the league’s best utility player. Lining three fields each week, and recently her responsibilities have grown from just foul lines and the arc to include batters’ boxes. This is the rookie season for a brand new Striper. Our previous chief painter had been with the Commissioner since before there was even a league in DC, getting her start in 2003 in the Lawrence, Kansas league. She was finally forced into retirement by a bad handle at the end of the last season. The company that makes the Striper offers a lifetime guarantee, and would have replaced the device for free, but it would have meant shipping the old one back. We just couldn’t do that, so we sent the previous one to the Hall of Fame, and got a fresh start with the new one.

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6 Innings with Jesse Contario

Written by - Posted 2010-04-23 00:38 in Six Innings

This week’s profile is with Jesse Contario. Fresh off a Rookie of the Year Award and a World Series appearance last year with Flaglove, with a new team name and a new, tougher division, Contario is trying to avoid a sophomore slump. The opening week of the season was rough on him, but week 2 was even worse. He left his team and skipped out to drive to Vermont to attend a Justin Bieber concert. He needs to get back on track if the Bros have any chance of making it back to the Spring Fall Classic.

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6 Innings with Andrew Martin

Written by - Posted 2010-04-15 22:44 in Six Innings

This week’s profile is with Andrew Martin. Since he’s so fun on the field, we thought he might be fun to talk to. Boy were we wrong. Martin is the competitively tempered pitcher of the Alcoholics Anonymous. And, despite the team name, he’s a better pitcher, and human being, when he’s 2/3 into a six pack of PBR. He pitches hard, and hardly bats. Despite non-stop abuse from the rest of the league, he keeps coming back, and that makes us happy.

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6 Innings with Matt Dreyfus

Written by - Posted 2010-04-09 00:00 in Six Innings

We’re bringing back a fan favorite this week, our 6 Questions for 6 Innings profile of a current league player. We’ll try to keep up and do one each week of the regular season so you get to know some of the characters in the league better.

This week, it’s Matt Dreyfus. Fresh off a World Series Championship with the Canvassers, but now back with his old team Scared Hitless, Dreyfus is one of the premier hitters in the league. He opens up about his priorities and his history, but we forgot to ask him about his socks.

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6 Innings With Jake Tomko

Written by - Posted 2009-06-05 03:23 in Six Innings

The guest this week is another rookie, Jake Tomko. In just three weeks, Tomko has two POTW nominations under his belt. If only his teammates had voted for him, he might even have hardware. He’s part of the league’s shiny new object, the Blandsford Barnburners. Where is Blandsford? Why are they burning down barns? You won’t find answers to these questions here, but if you offer to buy them beer, or introduce them to a girl, they might tell you. Tomko’s streak of 20 perfect innings, the only 20 he’s thrown, is the longest in league history. Is he the best pitcher in the PWL, and if so, do we really care? The streak may end soon, but the first guy who has a real shot at the Pitching Triple Crown will hopefully be around for a while.

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6 Innings with Michael Kirby

Written by - Posted 2009-05-06 00:16 in Six Innings

We’re bringing back a fan favorite this week by sitting down with Michael Kirby for Six Questions in Six Innings. Kirby was named as the league photographer by Commissioner Gallaway this week, becoming the second person in history to hold the job. The last photographer, Chris Kennedy, did great work, but disappeared shortly after his appointment. We’re hoping Kirby sticks around longer. He took a record 99 photos during Week 2. If only his batting average was that high.

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6 Innings with Brian Clapp

Written by - Posted 2008-04-10 02:09 in Six Innings

We’re bringing back a fan favorite this week by sitting down with Brian Clapp for Six Questions in Six Innings. Clapp begins his third season in the PWL managing a team that seems more likely to fit in at an Amnesty International rally than a wiffleball field. Sporting pirate uniforms and a traveling with a posse that can’t be counted on two hands they make the chatty Masterbatters look like Calvin Coolidge. Their come from behind victory over the Mud Puppies during week one showed they are for real, and their leader also ripped his first career homer while putting on an impressive offensive performance. Sure, it was his 4 errors in the field that helped get them run-ruled in the second game, but don’t count them out or you’ll be walking the plank.

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6 Innings with David Gross

Written by - Posted 2007-06-09 21:46 in Six Innings

David Gross sits down with us this week for 6 Innings. As the 3rd or 4th man on the dream team, two-time World Champion Canvassers, David was often out of the spotlight. Now, managing his own team, named after his fiesty player and business partner, Mary’s Mad Dogs, he’s coming into his own. Will his team, that started off to a 4-0 start be able to hold on and make the playoffs? Only time will tell.

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6 Innings with Lindsay Fincher

Written by - Posted 2007-05-28 19:43 in Six Innings

Fresh off her birthday before Week 4, which was celebrated with cupcakes in between games, we’re sitting down with Lindsay Fincher of the DC Wifflehouse. Whether it’s being featured on the front page of the Examiner (Read Here) during practice, or traveling the world, Lindsay is part of the new generation of players that will help define Wiffleball for years to come. Sure, Ryan Hughes is the head of the Ballers…er…the Wifflehouse, but Fincher is the heart. A 6 Innings profile can’t do her justice, so check out Lindsay’s blog at

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6 Innings with Dan Dondero

Written by - Posted 2007-05-13 22:46 in Six Innings

This week, we’re chatting with Dan Dondero, manager of the Masterbatters. In addition to giving the MB’s their clever name, Dan’s got something to say about everything. His witty remarks, someone once said, have their own witty remarks. He stance, like his personality is long and narrow. He kind of looks like a long-neck beer bottle, and he’s not unfamiliar with it’s contents.

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