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Web Gems: Week 3 (Su13)

Written by - Posted 2013-08-27 09:37 in Web Gems

Only two nominations for Week 3. We must do better folks. Make sure you send us your good plays.


  • Game Saving Double Play – Master Batters had nobody out and runners at 1st and 2nd in a scoreless game in the bottom of the 6th. Kris Garcia smartly steps on second for the force, but Zach Carter beats the throw to the pitcher to avoid the traditional double play at first. So, Tony Morin has to go the long way and peg the runner a step before home plate. The Canvassers won 1-0 in the 8th after forcing extras with this play.
  • Crawford Diving Catch -After giving up a run against the Canvassers on a wild throw by Hudson (even though he should’ve been called back but ump decided not to call it/Twits didn’t get challenge in in time) — Crawford quickly recovered. Making a diving one handed over the shoulder catch look easy, Crawford deserves this nomination.

Web Gems: Week 3 (Su13)
Game Saving Double Play
Crawford Diving Catch
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About Web Gems: Nominations can be made by anyone, manager, player, fan, rival wiffleball league, and are due by NOON each Thursday. The league office will review all nominees and submit up to five of them to be voted on by the public. Voting will be open from Friday until 10 AM on Sunday. Submissions can be made by sending an email to webgem@potomacwiffleball.org, and MUST include the youtube link to the game, as well as the time (minutes and seconds) where the play occurs.

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