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Web Gems: Week 5 (Su13)

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  • Brian Edgar Diving Catch – Brian is still in his rookie season for the DC Twits, but he has consistently been making plays like this thus far. Diving to catch Matt Gagnon’s would be single, Brian makes the catch and avoids falling into 2nd base.
  • Mazur Peg to Save a Run – This seems to be happening a lot this year — better peg accuracy or just bad base running? Either way, off a missed peg from 2nd to 3rd, Mazur picks up the loose ball and quickly pegs the runner JUST in time (helps their catcher blocked the plate too).
  • Kearns “Swipe of the Paw” – Comebackers are always tough for a pitcher, but Kearns of the Besley Bashers makes this one look easy. Almost bare-handing it, he quickly recovers for an easy out.
  • Kearns Pegs Ha’Chi at Home – Another Kearns play here as he seems to be carrying Besley through the season. After a hit off the fence, and picking up a poor cut off throw, Kearns turns and fires to hit Ha’Chi before reaching home pretty easily.

Web Gems: Week 5 (Su13)
Brian Edgar Diving Catch
Mazur Peg to Save a Run
Kearns Swipe of the Paw
Kearns Pegs Ha'Chi at Home
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